Steve Giroux, a Burlington Vermont native, has been screen printing for over thirty years on a commercial level, as part of his work within his grandfather’s, his father’s, and then his own sign business. He has taken the process to a new level by using it to depict various aspects of the Vermont landscape through his dramatic use of line and multiple layers of color. “As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to combine my love of photography with my knowledge of screen printing to produce limited edition serigraphs.” “I try to choose my subjects based on their simplicity and appeal to my own senses. Generally, whatever makes a good first impression is what I like to choose as subject matter. For me, screen printing is a powerful, yet the simplest way to convey an image in color.” Steve’s screen printing studio, Bare Tree Graphics, is currently located in Windsor, Vermont, and he has exhibited his work throughout Vermont & New Hampshire.


Our serigraphs are high quality limited edition screen prints using acrylic or oil based poster inks on Arches 88 or other heavyweight 100% cotton paper. They are individually hand made by artist Steve Giroux, one color at a time, to produce a work of art. The process demands great skill and expertise, and was first made popular as an art form by pop artist Andy Warhol. The advantages of using serigraphy over other printing methods are a greater depth of color, texture and detail. The serigraphic process offers techniques that are unachievable in other printing methods. It is capable of printing heavy layers of ink and producing a surface of texture. Large areas of flat color are best printed with screen printing which is best known for its rich and vibrant hue.

If you hear a voice inside you say "you cannot paint", then by all means paint and the voice will be silenced.

-Vincent Van Gogh

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